We encourage coders of all abilities to participate.


Individuals or teams may compete.

All teams must have no more than five people.

All UCSC students are welcome to participate.

Hackathon Sponsors


$450 in prizes

First Place Overall

$200 visa gift card

Second Place Overall

$100 visa gift card

Third Place Overall

$50 Amazon gift card

Alexa Skill

One Echo Dot for each team member ($50 cash value per Dot). This is a sponsor prize that goes out to the best team that incorporates Amazon Alexa in their hack.

Help a Slug Category

$50 Amazon gift card
This category applies to any hack that is designed to help students. A visualization, utility, or anything related to our campus.

Beginner Category

If this is your first hackathon (or a majority of your team members are first timers) you are eligible to win a $50 Amazon gift card

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter


Here are some tips for getting started on your project

  • Join ACM's slack workspace and enter the #hackacm2018 channel here
  • Find team members by starting a thread (or joining one).
  • Remember that you only have 12 hours, pick a feasible project idea.
  • Make sure at least one team member knows how to submit your project to a remote github repo (if not you can ask any ACM officer for help).
    Here is a good starting point. The more important sections are "pushing changes," and "add and commit"


Submissions open at 9pm, an hour before coding ends.

You will submit your project on github. Learn how to use git here, and how to (easily) upload files to gitub here.

Ask an ACM officer for help if you need assistance with any of these steps (the earlier the better.)


Sarah Caplener

Sarah Caplener
Amazon Alexa

Pranav Salunke

Pranav Salunke
ACM at UCSC - Chair

Jared Penner

Jared Penner
ACM at UCSC - Treasurer

Jesse Chan

Jesse Chan
ACM at UCSC - Secretary

Kaio Barbosa

Kaio Barbosa
ACM at UCSC - Vice Chair

Nimesh Poudel

Nimesh Poudel
ACM at UCSC - Fundraising Chair

Sammy Franklin

Sammy Franklin
ACM at UCSC - Webmaster

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    We will look for any new and fun ideas introduced by your hack, as well as any imaginative solutions to a problem, or novel application of an old concept.
  • Completeness
    How complete is your hack? It's a 12 hour hack, so we're not expecting all projects to be complete, but given the constraints how far were you able to get? Even if incomplete, is the idea there?
  • Improvement
    We will be looking at whether your hack pushed you to learn something new, and how you and your team were able to adapt to the challenge.
  • Help a Slug Category
    This category appertains to any useful app, program, or utility that is useful for UCSC (or other) students. The most impactful hack that satisfies this category will be selected.
  • Beginner Category
    A $50 dollar Amazon gift card will be awarded to the best beginner team: a beginner team is any team where a majority of the team members are beginners.
  • Alexa Skills Category
    An echo dot is awarded to each winning team member that submits a project using the Echo Dots.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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